Thanks to LibertyGreen you can do something good for the environment while saving for retirement and saving taxes too.

Your AHV/AVS pension and your pension fund benefits will barely enable you to maintain your standard of living once you retire. If you are at the start of your career, you are likely to draw less than half of your last earnings after retirement. To have sufficient income for your retirement years, you should invest in a private retirement savings plan – the third pillar. At the same time, you make immediate tax savings on the amounts invested.

Are you committed to preserving the environment? Through LibertyGreen you invest in a portfolio of individual companies that are guided by responsible ecological, social, and ethical standards. You invest in the future from your first franc, at unrivalled conditions and without fund management fees.

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Risk level

What can be done for the environment?
0.68 metric tonnes greenhouse gas emissions saved per year
122'723.67 litres of water saved per year
2.81 tonnes of waste saved per year
2'633.40 Kilowatt hours (kWh) saved per year
With risk level 1 (account solution) you do not yet have an impact on the environment.
Or also:
Km travelled by car
Garbage bags
Clothes washing cycles
And how much tax can you save?
1'491.90 tax savings in the first year

Note on tax savings: The calculation is based on your entries and on assumptions and benchmarks that may not take into account all relevant parameters and which are subject to change.  The calculation results are for information purposes only and are non-binding.  The Foundation declines any responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the calculation results.

Our calculator relies on the sustainability analyses and resulting data produced by leading global providers of sustainability analyses and ratings in the environmental, social and corporate governance fields, such as MSCI ESG Research.  For the comparison, our calculator uses the MSCI World Index published by MSCI which comprises around 1,600 companies from 23 industrialised countries. It is reputedly one the most important global stock indices. Accordingly, you should be aware that our calculator relies exclusively on general statistical analyses of historical data from the above-mentioned providers; it does not depict the calculation results of any individual case in terms of the indexed environmental savings.  The data are without guarantee.

Protecting the environment brings you higher potential returns

Swiss pensions will be smaller in the future since low interest rates translate into lower returns on pension assets. At the same time, life expectancy is rising, and the benefits pot has to be shared between an ever increasing number of recipients. These effects are mutually reinforcing and serve as a warning: If you want sufficient income once you retire, you should invest in a private third-pillar retirement savings plan.

To encourage environmental protection and improve the climate balance, we have created a portfolio committed to sustainable – responsible, ethical, social, and ecological – investments. These sustainability criteria supplement more conventional investment criteria such as performance, liquidity and security.

Studies show that this type of portfolio outperforms conventional monetary investments.

Choose from varuous investment strategies

LibertyGreen offers you a choice of six well-diversified investment strategies. The higher your capacity for risk, the higher the equities content in your portfolio. This increases your potential long-term returns.

Your portfolio is apportioned between savings capital (cash) and equities, in the ratio you yourself decide. It is up to you: the greater your capacity for risk and the longer your savings time horizon, the higher the equities share available to you. If you are more risk-averse, your preference should go to a higher share of savings capital. This assures you greater security – however, you must expect lower returns in today’s low-interest environment.

Your equities investments are carefully selected in a standardised investment process. The focus is on sustainability; several criteria are applied to ensure that your expectations in terms of security and return are met.

The validation process includes a negative screening with values- and ethics-based approaches, and a standards-based method involving at least three different criteria. If a prospective investment does not meet the criteria (negative screening), it is rejected. The same applies if the CO2 emissions cap is exceeded – accordingly, LibertyGreen has excluded entire economic sectors.  Conversely, the positive screening process identifies companies with positive ratings in terms of ESG performance. An A rating is the minimum threshold for LibertyGreen. Moreover, a company must have adequate market capitalisation to ensure that its securities are readily marketable.

This differentiated combination enables us to enhance your portfolio.

For Liberty, the security of your investment comes first. That is why we maintain your account and securities with Graubündner Kantonalbank. Graubündner Kantonalbank has been awarded the top AA credit-rating which places it among the best-rated banks in the world.

Strategies and risk level

Transparency is important to us: that is why we focus only on direct investments in hand-picked companies to the exclusion of non-transparent, cost-intensive investment funds. LibertyGreen allows you to invest in equities from your first franc.

Strategy Risk level Equities content Fact sheet Fees
Account solution 1 0% 0.00%
Green Invest 25 2 25% 0.10%
Green Invest 25 3 40% 0.16%
Green Invest 60 4 60% 0.24%
Green Invest 80 5 80% 0.32%
Green Invest 95 6 95% 0.38%

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